We have various machines to sort, pack and cut products.



We provide drying, sorting, packaging and storage of red, yellow and white onions.

The onions are sorted by size and quality with our optical sorting machine, the most accurate method of sorting. We pack onions in bags of 4 kg to 25 kg, as well as big bags.

Our commissioner Jan van de Velde handles the purchase of the onions directly from the growers.



Our optical sorting machine is also set up to sort seed potatoes. The machine sorts the tubers very accurately, according to diameter, length, shape and visible defects such as common scab, wire worms, bumps, cracks or damage. Moreover, earth clods and stones can be sorted out as well.

If required, we can pack the potatoes in bags varying from 4 to 25 kgs immediately after sorting. This is done with a double-thread sewing machine.

We also have a machine to cut seed potatoes, as you can see on the picture.

The lorries can be washed in our NAO-certified washing facility.

Our facilities are certified in accordance with the rules of the PCC (Pootgoed Contact Commissie) and the hygiene protocol.

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Pieter van de Velde

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